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Over the last century or so the world has experimented with many forms of energy sources to sustain our massive industries, transportation and our humble homes. The list of energy sources we have tried our hands with, is not very impressive when compared to the damage they have done to our environment and the much talked about Ozone layer.

Top of the list is oil, which has been prolifically used by us since its discovery and has contributed largely to the problems we are having with our very existence. We now look at the atmosphere and cry that it has created a hole in the Ozone layer.

We have unabashedly used oil in the name of development and are now reaping its negative results. The continuous dependence on oil is not going to bode well for our future generations. Oil is said to exhaust itself in a few hundred years and when that happens, and if we are not ready we will be left in the darkness with a destroyed planet to live the rest of our lives.

Apart from oil, we extracted Uranium and delved our hands into Nuclear power generation, which has given us two major warnings about its devastating effect when they go awry. The Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters are ample evidence for us to open our eyes.

When we were experimenting with dangerous raw materials for our energy requirements the Sun was waiting above us to provide free, clean, and renewable energy all through the year.

We needed to technologically advance the solar panels or photovoltaic cell and its related paraphernalia and obtain free energy to sustain ourselves. Converting Solar energy to solar power is our future and finding the right cost effective combination is the solution for all our energy requirements.



Benefits from the Sun

Mankind derives immense benefits from the Sun. All flora and fauna including our existence on this planet Earth is directly due to the Sun and it’s life giving properties.

All living things are indebted to the Sun and in pre-historic days early man revered the Sun and was even worshipping it as their God.

Years of Research and Development (R&D), by many beginning with Charles Fritt’s Solar cell or photo voltaic (PV) cell invented in 1880, we have been finding the most cost effective and affordable Solar cell to convert the Suns energy into solar power.

Using strategically placed solar panels to trap the maximum Sunlight when the Sun travels overhead during the day has been the idea and still the most affordable and practical system is to see the light of day.

What we have developed up to now and used by many is still beyond the reach of many consumers of electricity who depend on the government or large companies to provide them their needs at a premium.

We could still add a “little drop of water to a mighty Ocean” by using small solar panels to generate electricity for our recreational and other outdoor activities like jumping castle hire wherever possible.

A very popular recreational item ordered and set up from jumping castle hire Melbourne in your premises for the use of your kids and their friends could use solar power to run the continuous blower that is a part of the unit.

Using solar power would make the bouncy castle hire Melbourne set up at your premises a more eco friendly clean and green unit set up for your kid’s recreation.